Winter Wedding Trends

Wedding season is often considered to be from late spring through early fall, however some of the most beautiful weddings take place during the chilly winter months. When I hear the words winter wedding, I immediately start to picture magical winter wonderlands that just sparkle. To help guide and inspire your winter wedding planning, here are our favorite winter wedding trends!


Here’s the thing, regardless of your feelings about winter, it is universally acknowledged that everyone loves hot chocolate. Surprise your guest before the ceremony with a hot cocoa bar or have one as part of the reception at the dessert table! Get creative and include marshmallows of different colors and sizes, a variety of candy mix-ins, chocolate and caramel sauces, and of course, whipped cream! Finish your bar with peppermint stirrers or personalize with custom made stirrers to coincide with your wedding theme.


When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than curling up in front of a fire. Capitalize on this cozy feeling by incorporating a fireplace into your wedding if possible (depending on your venue!). If your venue has a grand fireplace, it makes a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony space. Depending on the fireplace, it can also be styled with flowers, evergreen garlands, and more to bring your winter theme to life. Plus, just think off all the romantic shots your photographer can capture!


Since you would be hard pressed to find wedding guests willing to attend an outdoor affair in the dead of winter in Upstate New York, you simply have to bring the snow inside. For a romantic and modern look, cover surfaces with “freshly fallen” snow, and drape the room in white chiffon with soft uplighting.


Instead of floral center pieces, consider having your center pieces being a reflection of nature in winter time. Bare branches? I know hear me out, having tree centerpieces is a very simple and elegant look, but what really makes them come to life are candles placed around the branches as well as hanging from them. In addition to candles, carefully placed icicles can add just the right amount of glitz. Plus, the icicles reflect candlelight beautifully!


We love the sequined linens from The Collection for every season; however, we particularly love them in the winter time. There is something about candlelight on sparkling linen that just makes the heart flutter.


The colder weather allows for ice to be utilized in unique ways that are simply impossible in any other season. One of our favorite uses would have to be an ice bar. Whether it’s for a pre-ceremony vodka tasting or cocktail hour, it is something your guests will never forget.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.44.12 AM.png


This is not a trend, we just simply love outdoor winter wedding photos. We love the magic of seeing two people so in love that the snow and below freezing temperatures doesn’t seem to faze them. We love fur stoles and bridesmaids in winter boots. We love to see the creative ways brides bring some of their favorite winter pieces into their photos; whether it’s cozy sweaters, scarves, or ear-muffs... there’s so many elements that only a winter wedding can have!