Transform Your Home for the Holiday's!

It’s that time of year again! Time to trim the tree, pull out the decorations and transform your home into a Winter Wonderland!  Whether you go for a modern all-white look, shades of blue, mixed metals or traditional red and green, check out our timeless tips for decorating your home!

Decorate your whole home

Don’t limit your transformation to just one room! To truly get into the holiday spirit, start the holiday touches in your front entryway and continue throughout your kitchen, bedrooms and even small decor in your bathrooms to keep that festive feeling wherever you go. Try placing repurposing decorations in different rooms to see what works and keep things fresh year after year.


DIY holiday décor not only saves you money, but also provides the opportunity to create lasting holiday memories with your family! Whether it’s painted pine cones or a custom wreath, grab the kids and your favorite Pinterest holiday crafts and get to it!  Plus, these crafts can also double as great gifts for the grandparents!

Forgo the Glitter

As much as we love the look of glitter during the holidays, we have to acknowledge that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it spreads everywhere. So unless you want to spend the first week of 2018 constantly wondering how there’s still glitter on the floorboards, we recommending you skip the glitter. To add some shine to your holiday décor, use metallic pieces for a modern and fresh look.

Go for the Green

Traditional colors of red and green are a classic combination when decorating for the holiday season. However, the same look year after year can get stale so we like to switch it up a bit whenever possible. One color scheme we love for the holiday season is a more muted palette of green and white, with hints of gold (think gold charger plates!). Green and white is the perfect reflection of Upstate New York in the winter time, at least when it’s covered in snow!

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