Planning Your Annual Event

We are lucky to have clients who trust us, year after year, to handle their special events with a Total Events Transformation.  We like to challenge ourselves to come up with something new and fresh so that guests are continually wowed with a new experience.  While this creative process is fun, it’s also a bit maddening to reinvent the same room/theme/concept in a unique way.  Here is how and why we do it! 

Thematic Variety

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For so many of our corporate events and fundraisers, the event meaning does not change.  Working together, we come up with a way to dazzle guests while still retaining the central theme and integrity of the event.  What we generally start with is an updated color palette and from there we decide how to tie it back to the concept.  For some themes, this isn’t too tough.  Christmas, for instance gives us a lot to work with.  You can do an icy white and blue wonderland, a green and rustic Adirondack motif, a traditional red and green palette, a mixed metallic modern spin; there are tons of ways to go!  Other concepts, like Fire and Ice prove to be a bit more of a challenge. 

Guest Experience

Counting on attendance every year means stepping up your game.  The world is our oyster and the production of such incredible parties on television, the internet and Pinterest have really caused the general public to expect more and more. Investing in great entertainment, stellar food/beverage and adding meaningful and creative design are the three greatest elements that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. We always try and add a level of luxury so that each person feels like a VIP.


While many events try to stay on target to be the same day/week/weekend every year, it is sometimes important to reevaluate and adjust for a better result.  We have seen a trend in company holiday parties moving from December into January and even February.  The formal holiday season seems to go by in a flash and it’s traditional stress makes party planning and guest attendance somewhat difficult.  Also, there is an incredible amount of competition for these prime weekend dates in such a limited time frame.  Spreading your holiday gathering into January or February takes the pressure off for everyone, extends the merriment, gives you greater options for vendors and also improves guest attendance. 


After a few years in the same place, it may be time for a new location.  Giving your event a new space to spread its wings can open up a world of creative opportunities.  A change in scenery allows for a number of décor changes.  Guests will see the gentle remastering of the event as a constant growth and improvement in their satisfaction and they will continue to come year after year to see what you have in store. 

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