Find Your Wedding Style

While flipping through wedding magazines or scrolling through wedding hashtags on Instagram for inspiration, different styles and themes can be just as overwhelming as they are inspiring. Your wedding style not only sets the tone and feel for your event, but is also a reflection of who you are as a couple. The amazing thing about wedding styles is their ability to transform into an event that is truly unique. With that being said, there are an infinite number of different wedding styles, but our team pulled some of the most popular styles to give you a starting point for planning your #TotalEventsTransformation.



Traditional weddings are just like the name says, traditional. Traditional weddings usually take place in ballrooms or country clubs and follow the format of a formal sit-down dinner followed by dancing. For these events, the color scheme is either white or ivory with color accents in the florals, linens, and lighting. Traditional weddings are usually described as elegant, timeless, and classic.


Upstate New York is possibly one of the best locations to have a rustic wedding. We have beautiful historic barns, farms, orchards, and the Adirondacks. We work with couples from all over the country who travel to have their weddings here for the beautiful scenery that New York offers. The term “rustic” itself is rather vague when describing a wedding. Rustic weddings can be anything from an informal backyard affair to a chic event with chandeliers, antique lace, and extravagant florals.  For many rustic wedding venues, an added bonus is that you can bring in your own caterer. This allows you to have fun with the menu and bring in any food professional from your standard caterer to favorite food trucks!


Clean lines, ghost chairs, glass, minimalistic centerpieces, and monochromatic colors are some of the key design elements to describe a modern wedding. While these key design elements are the basis for what makes a modern wedding, modern design is more than just hard lines and square shapes. Modern weddings are about being bold, whether it’s a dramatic bright pop of color or a striking all white design, modern couples like to think outside the box to create one of a kind events.



Not to be confused with rustic weddings, boho events are for the free spirited among us. For the boho wedding the bride’s style may include a flower crown, a perfectly undone bouquet, and braided up-do. Boho weddings aren’t defined by the venue, rather the décor defines the style. Typically boho weddings use a color palette that reflects the natural beauty of the surrounding area. A neutral palette with a pop of color, and natural wood accents that can be customized for each couple and venue.  Some of our favorite boho weddings have been in a natural setting with a tent to protect guests from the elements during dinner and dancing.


Hipster weddings are usually held in funky industrial spaces and often have a vintage flair. We love working with couples on these weddings because all of the details are so unique to each couple. The mismatched details are so fun and charming creating a truly original look for each event.

No matter what your wedding style, the Total Events team can help! Contact us today to start your #TotalEventsTransformation!