How to Plan a Victorious Fourth of July Party!


Fourth of July is a holiday for fun, friends, food, and fireworks. Hosting any party is always a difficult and rewarding task, but staying on theme, and making sure your guests are having a great time has never been easier. Here are some of our top tips for planning your Fourth of July Total Events Transformation:

Planning Your Décor:

American-themed parties are relatively easy to incorporate into any space. To save on décor, opt to buy (or check out our selection of linens) simple red, white, and blue decorations, instead of American flags and specifically-themed options. Having favors for people, such as themed beads, or necklaces, or face paint, to get your guest  in the holiday spirit is an easy way to create a memorable event! Concession equipment, such as a cotton candy machine or a sno-kone machine, is also a great way to get your guests talking about your party for years to come! Homemade photo booths are also a great decorative touch so your guests can capture their patriotic moments.

Plan Your Food:

Ask your guests to bring appetizers, salads, or desserts to cut down on costs and make sure there is a variety of options for all. A staple in all Fourth of July parties is the ease and taste of grilled food, buy hamburgers and hot dogs in bulk, and opt to have vegetarian options, such as veggie burgers, for guests who do not eat meat. Keep your food simple to cook, so you have time to enjoy your party as well!

Accommodate Your Guests:

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Make sure you have enough seating for your guests. Renting additional chairs and tables can go a long way to make sure your guest are comfortable. . If you really want to make your party stand out, add our  lounge pieces  for your guests, which serve as additional seating , and also a place for guests to take chic pictures to post on social media (don’t forget to come up with a part hashtag!) As we all know by now, the weather in Upstate New York is never predictable,  so plan ahead of time in case of rainy weather. Having a tent in your yard, not only allows guests  to enjoy being outside in case of rain, but adds additional shade in case of an extremely hot day.

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