Mabee Farms Historic Site : Sarah & Marc

Step back, take it in and realize that everyone present at your party plays a large part in your life! That is what Sarah and Marc did on their big day. “To be able to bring them all together, even though most of them did not know one another is something special you do not forget!”

This summer, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with a special couple for us because of their service to our country - Sarah and Marc’s wedding at Mabee Farms Historic Site.

Sarah didn’t necessarily have a ‘vision’ when meeting with the team. She originally reached out to the team because she really needed a big white tent! After meeting with Megan she knew she could trust her ideas and organization to ensure it would be a spectacular wedding! Megan also took the extra step to help Sarah with planning while Marc was deployed overseas with the United States Marine Corps.

Sail Cloth tent at Mabee Farms

“I didn’t really have a ‘vision’ per say. I do not like trends, anything that is popular at the moment - so simple, classic and neutrals were my friend! I was afraid that I was going to be the worst bride ever because I didn't have a concrete vision, only a loose desire for things to look relaxed and to encourage people to gather and party. Megan took the ideas and a few Pinterest pictures I showed her and brought them to life!”

Our sailcloth tent worked perfectly at the reception with bistro lighting strung about in both the tent and inside Mabee Farms barn with our rustic wine barrels. Colored uplighting enhanced the wood parquet dance floor to keep those dancing feet going all night! Inside the tent also featured our round tables, linens, and walnut folding chairs.

Sarah’s tip for all you bride and groom’s to be is:

”Have SO much fun with planning it! Try and ignore what everyone else wants and plan YOUR day. You only get one of them! And if all of your family and friends see that you are having an amazing time at your special day they will feed off of you and you will have a great party!”

U.S Marine Corps

A special thank you to our military service members and their families for their sacrifice and bravery in keeping our nation safe.

Sometimes there isn’t a concrete vision to your special day. That is why the Total Events team is here to help! We take pride in forming relationships with our clients and do our best to make it everything you wanted without even realizing it is something you wanted!

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