Event Specialist Spotlight : Tommie's BOHOme for the Holidays

I love nature and I love to see natural beauty reflected in my designs:

My favorite designs are inspired by woods, mountains, and beaches. I love nature and I love to see natural beauty reflected in my designs whether that be greenery, canvases, woven elements, wood elements, or furs. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from the outdoors and the different seasons.

Creative, Compassionate, Free-Spirited…

If I had to pick three words to describe myself they would be creative, compassionate, and free-spirited. I love to spend time with my family and friends, especially while traveling and exploring new places.

I can really appreciate various styles:

I have a super eclectic taste and can really appreciate various styles. With that being said, I am usually drawn to earthy, ethereal, rustic, and natural designs. I love natural textures and using elements from nature to create a design. If you walk into my living room I have woven tapestries, greenery, antler décor, and lanterns.

I use elements of the places that make me happy in my designs:

I think my free spirit and wanderlust are reflected in a lot of my designs. I use elements of the places that make me happy in my designs. One of my favorite places to be is on the water in the Adirondacks surrounded by pines. I love it in the summer when it feels airy and light and I love it in the winter when it feels dense and cozy. The great thing about natural elements is you can use them in a variety of ways that reflect the mood you are going for.

Favorite pieces in Total Event's inventory?

I love the look of bistro lights because I think they just add great lighting to any event, whether it be outdoors lighting up a patio or a tent, or inside in a venue like Revolution Hall or 90 State. I just love their shape and luminosity. I also love our overlays from The COLLECTION. They really dress up a space and I would love to see them layered in a funky way - I'm all about texture!


Drapery is really amazing and can totally transform a space. Whether you want to block something, or just soften a room, drapery can achieve whatever it is you desire. I'd love to see some homes incorporate some drapes in their holiday décor to change their homes from what their friends and family typically see. Illuminated drape is a great background for trees and other holiday décor.

Let your personality shine through when you decorate.

Let your personality shine through when you decorate. Not everything needs to be red, green, and white. Explore colors and textures that speak to you and put a holiday twist on them. I like to scan Pinterest to get some inspiration, and then find bargain items that aren't the same as the ones on Pinterest, but similar enough where I can recreate a look I love.

Favorite Holiday Traditions?

Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey edition) is my kick off to the season. The opening credits honestly give me chills every time and get me in the holiday spirit. I love Christmas music and going to different restaurants around the Capital Region to enjoy their holiday drinks and décor. I also go to an amazing Christmas Eve party at my friend Dionne's every year and it is the highlight of my holiday season. I'm lucky to have an Italian best friend so I get to enjoy the feast with her family every year!