Your Guide to Creating a Stunning Outdoor Wedding

Thinking of an outdoor wedding? Total Events can help! While we are experts at transforming the premier venues of the Capital Region, we also have a variety of tent sizes and styles to create the perfect outdoor venue. Creating a stunning outdoor wedding does involve some additional planning, so let’s step outside and figure out the logistics to consider when getting married outdoors! The key to planning a successful and relatively stress-free wedding is knowing what has to be done and when.

When should your tent wedding planning process begin?

The sooner the better! We recommend reserving your tent about 9-18 months prior to the event. As May-June and September-October are the height of wedding season, we recommend booking these events the full 18 months out. Some weekends during these time frames become completely unavailable months in advance, as we never overextend or overbook.

On the more practical side - there are additional steps involved in planning a tent wedding…especially if we have never worked at that location before!

Site Inspections:

Part of the reason we recommend booking your tent so far in advance is to ensure there is ample time to conduct a site inspection. Site inspections often aren’t even considered as a step in the planning process, after all who wants to think about the more practical elements of planning a wedding when there are chandeliers, linens, and drapery to pick out? However, to have a safe and enjoyable event, a site inspection ensures you will be able to have your tent at your desired location. If we are unable to put a tent in your location, having extra time allows for you to come up with an alternative plan.

Add in extra time!

It is best to consider the time it takes to set up the tent, tables, and all the décor inside too. It’s ideal to have several days before and after your event to allow for setup and breakdown needs.

What not to forget..

Unlike most traditional venues, tents do not come with kitchens! Make sure to discuss with your caterer to find out what equipment they are able to provide and what you may need to bring in. Don’t forget the china and silverware! Finalize all the details with your caterer early to ensure there are no surprise costs as it gets closer to your event date. (Don’t worry, we have all the catering equipment you may need - just ask your Event Specialist!)

The fun part begins - Once you have all of the logistical elements of your tent wedding finalized, it’s time to think about everything that goes inside your tent! And by everything, we mean everything! Tables, chairs, dance floors, and décor pieces can be completely customized. Work with your Event Specialist to create a unique look and feel your guests won’t forget.

Ready to start planning your outdoor wedding? Contact us today to get started on your #TotalEventsTransformation!

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