Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding!

Planning a wedding that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly is not as complicated as it seems. There are many things you can do to make sure your wedding has a lower impact on the environment while keeping the style of your event. Check out some of our tips below!

Don’t Forget to Rent!

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Renting items for weddings and events is not only a convenient service we provide, but truly is environmentally friendly. Many of the items you will use for your wedding, whether it be linens, china or centerpieces, are items you more than likely won’t be using again. Rather than purchasing those items and throwing them out, consider renting the pieces you need.

Hire Local

Even if you aren’t from the area, take a look at the local vendors! Not only does this support the local economy where you’re hosting your event, but it also helps to cut down the carbon footprint, by reducing emissions from traveling vehicles.

Use Vintage or Repurpose


A great way to maintain the eco-friendly vibe of your event is to repurpose vintage items for unexpected décor pieces. Whether you are using a vintage window frame for place cards, or creating a bouquet of brooches, these vintage touches are unique additions to your wedding day. Repurposing a vintage item is not only eco-friendly, but a surprising way to wow your guests.


Everyone loves candy or sweets to take home with them, but we can think of plenty of other favor options that are more eco-friendly and fit the theme of your wedding. While the thought of giving your guest an already potted plant or seedling is nice, it may not be practical, especially for guest who are traveling. Instead, consider giving your guests seeds with instructions on how to grow the plant of your choice. Another great alternative to traditional favors is donating to charity on your guests’ behalf.

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