Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding and remaining conscious of your budget at the same time is always a challenge.  While organizing a wedding may seem like an impossible task, we have some tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams while staying within the budget you’ve set!


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Initially, it may seem cheaper to seek and price out multiple vendors for rentals, but in the long-run, it may end up costing you more money.  While individual pieces may be less expensive at different vendors, you will be paying more in delivery fees and any labor that may be involved.  Additionally, larger orders are usually “bundled” so there is a cost savings.

Book in Advance

It may not be possible to book rentals a year or more in advance of your wedding, but if you are able to plan that far ahead, book everything as soon as you can!  Booking 12-18 months in advance ensures that there is less competition for the items you need which helps to keep the prices down, not only for the items themselves, but for any fees associated. An added bonus to booking far out is that it helps keep stress levels low closer to your big day!

Plan Your Event “Off Season”

If a late fall or winter wedding is what you’ve been dreaming, you’re in luck!  November through February is considered the “off-season” for most vendors and professionals in the event industry.  To help drive business during that time, prices are more competitive and often times special packages or discounts are offered!

Book “In-Stock” Items

When selecting décor or seating for your wedding, choosing from Total Event’s extensive selection of pieces can actually save you money!  While we are happy to source unique items that we may not yet have in our inventory, there is an additional cost that comes with researching and finding these items.

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